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Struggling in your Relationship?

Imago Relationship Therapy - Effective - Life-Long Communication

Imago Relationship Therapy-Couples

·   Finding communication difficult

·   Wanting your relationship to work yet don’t know where to start

·   Not sure what you really want anymore

·   Feeling alone

Relationships can be tough, yet creating a place of trust can help you both establish a healthy relationship, giving you purpose, significance and a safe place to be you,

As an experienced counsellor I use, Imago Relationship Theory, Psychodynamic, Attachment theories and effective research based interventions. With this knowledge and empathy, I can give you the tools that could help you to better your relationship without your

wants and needs being minimised.

Alanis Morisstte on Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT)

Couples: About Me
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