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Struggling in your Relationship?

Imago Relationship Therapy - Effective - Life-Long Communication

Are You:

  •  finding it difficult to talk with your partner without it becoming yet another argument?

  • thinking about separating?

  • feeling insignificant?

  • both wanting it to work after an affair?

  • feeling more like a flatmate than a partner?

  • Feeling disconnected since the arrival of a baby?

  • Feeling alone after a loss

Having a healthy relationship helps to give you a safe place to be you, giving you purpose and significance.  All relationships have challenging times and having a solid foundation can get you through these tough times.

Many couples leave it for a long time before seeking help and find that as time goes by, happiness and intimacy dwindle.

As an experienced counsellor, over 30 years of marriage, drawing on the latest research and Imago Relationship Theory, I have knowledge, empathy and can give you some tools to better your relationship. I can show you a new way of communicating so that you can be heard and understood.  You can learn to understand your partner’s perspective without your own wants and needs being minimised.

If you are feeling stuck, need to build trust again, want to have better communication and learn effective ways to resolve conflict, please call me for an appointment.

Alanis Morisstte on Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT)